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Dr. Weisberg Appears on Local News to Talk Skin Protection

Skin Cancer Care Specialists | September 22, 2016

Skincare tips for summer

In a recent feature on WPTV, Dr. Weisberg discussed top skincare tips for summer. Responding to a recent Consumer Reports study on sunblock, he pointed out that SPF is something tested by manufacturers, not third-party organizations. So while the FDA closely follows sunscreen claims, it does not test them independently. What this means for consumers is that not all products are what they’re cracked up to be. To find a quality sunscreen they can trust, people can check the list of recommendations from Consumer Reports, detailing which products are verified to offer real protection.


Dr. Weisberg also says sun protection is incredibly important in summer and all year long. To go over the important do’s and don’ts for summer, he offered the following tips for staying safe in the sun:

  • Use sunscreen daily.
  • Choose a quality, broad-spectrum product.
  • Think about both UVB (rays blocked by windows, clouds, etc.) and UVA (rays that penetrate these same surfaces). UVA is present all day long, even in the early hours.


Throughout the summer months, protecting your skin means looking for products that offer real protection, as well as being consistent to apply those products at all times—even when you’re not at the beach or in the yard. To keep your skin safe this year, please follow Dr. Weisberg’s suggestions above!

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