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Noah K. Weisberg, M.D.
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Kathryn Goggins, M.M.S., PA-C
Physician Assistant
Barbara Acosta, MC, MSc., PA-C
Physician Assistant

Photodynamic Therapy - Jupiter, Florida

What are actinic keratoses?
Actinic keratoses (AKs) are precancerous lesions that develop as a result of years of sun exposure and can progress to invasive squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). AKs appear as rough textured, dry scaly patches on the skin that won’t go away. They occur most often on sun-exposed areas such as the face, scalp and ears. They can range in color from skin-toned to reddish-brown. They can be as small as a pin head or larger than a quarter.

Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy

Why should AKs be treated?
It is estimated that up to 58 million people in the US have AKs. As much as 10% of AKs may develop into SCC within two years. SCC represents the second most common form of skin cancer. Because there is no way to know ahead of time which AKs will develop into SCC, we strongly encourage you to schedule regular skin check examinations.

What should you do?
Early diagnosis of AKs is critical. Actinic keratoses education is a part of each skin cancer screening conducted by our providers. Scheduling regular skin check examinations will help you maintain the proper care of your skin and prevent the development of skin disease.

Image of an AK:

Actinic keratoses

How we can help you?
As a board certified dermatologist Dr. Noah Weisberg and his Physician Assistant Kathryn LaCalamita, PA-C, certified by the NCCPA, are committed to treating and preventing skin cancer in our Florida patients. Our practice has the medical education, experience and technology necessary to give you the latest and most effective treatments. Our staff is highly trained and is dedicated to creating an office environment that is comfortable, supportive and efficient.

At our Jupiter, Florida office, located in Palm Beach County, we utilize the latest treatment options such as PDT Blue Light therapy to treat patients. The Blu-U Light photodynamic therapy utilizes a blue light which helps treat and kill the premalignant skin cells and precancerous spots.

How can you reach us?
If you would like to schedule and appointment with us, please feel free to contact us by phone at 561-775-6011 at our Jupiter, Florida office to schedule your personal consultation. We look forward to helping you maintain the proper care of your skin and prevent the development of skin disease.

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