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Skin Cancer Care Specialists | March 20, 2020


We understand current events in our global and local community have been uncertain and stressful for all of us.   During this unprecedented time please rest assured that as your healthcare providers our commitment is to the safety of our employees, patients and community. In order to continue to be available to provide the highest standard of care we are employing all mitigation options available to us to protect all who visit our office.

Effective March 13, 2020 our practice has implemented mitigation controls and revised our practice workflow to achieve the safest environment for our employees and patients.


Steps we are taking:


Screening of all patients: Prior to their appointment all patients are being screened for travel out of our local area and for any fever or respiratory symptoms.  If a patient or a member of the household is identified as traveling out of the area or experiencing an illness their appointment is automatically re-scheduled.


Social Distancing:  We are achieving social distancing by spacing out patients to eliminate waiting in our waiting room.  To achieve this goal, we are requesting only the patient, and a caregiver if a companion is necessary, come to the appointment.  We are also requiring patients to call us upon arriving to the office parking lot and we will inform them when to come to our office suite to be taken to a room.


Environmental Infection Control: After every patient all touch points and counters in the exam room are being sanitized.  Additionally, sanitation of EVERY touch point in our office suite is occurring every two hours throughout the day in conjunction with a full office sanitation at the end of every day.  We have implemented a schedule of accountability to ensure additional infection control measures beyond our regular high standards are achieved.


Staff Members:  All of our staff have been directed with NO EXCEPTION to do the following.

Stay home when sick

Practice exceptional hand hygiene, inclusive of washing hands frequently then following up with alcohol based hand sanitizer

Utilize personal protective equipment

Practice social distancing where applicable

Refrain from all non-emergent travel

Staff members who travel will be asked to self- isolate for a minimum of 14 days before

returning to work.


Continuity of Care:   Our patient health is paramount and in order for patients to continue to receive care our goal is to remain open to do our part as an essential healthcare provider.  We are continuing to schedule patients for all appointment types to allow you to address your concerns and maintain the health of your skin, especially for our patients with a history of skin cancer.


Telemedicine: In addition to our regular office hours, according to current Department of Health and Human Services guidelines we are offering telemedicine options on a temporary basis. These appointments may be accommodated by Skype or Facetime video conferencing. Please note some appointment types may not qualify for telemedicine visits.  If you have an appointment that qualifies for a telemedicine visit you may be given the option to be seen virtually instead of at our office.


We thank you for your shared commitment to protecting yourself and the community.



Noah K. Weisberg, M.D. & Staff


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