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Noah K. Weisberg, M.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist
Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon
Kathryn Goggins, M.M.S., PA-C
Physician Assistant
Barbara Acosta, MC, MSc., PA-C
Physician Assistant

Skin Cancer Screening Dr. Noah Weisberg

Tips for Skin Cancer Self-Examination

When it comes to the different forms of cancer, none is easier to detect than skin cancer. Unlike other forms of cancer that can develop and grow for a while before a patient sees symptoms, skin cancer starts in a visible place—outwardly, on the skin—so as long as you’re regularly looking out for strange or changing spots, you can catch it early. This is why self-examination is so crucial.


To help you know how to examine your own skin for changes and know when it’s time to see a dermatologist, here are some key tips to keep in mind:


  1. Know What Skin Cancer Looks Like: Skin cancer can appear anywhere on the body, even under toenails or in places that never see the sun. Spots may have scaly patches, dome-shaped growths, sores that don’t heal or heal and come back, brown or black streaks under nails or moles that change or look different from others.
  2. Know the Warning Signs: The key warning signs a spot may be troublesome are when it bleeds, itches, changes or differs from the others on your body.
  3. Remember Spots Could Be Your Only Symptom: A person can have skin cancer and no other symptoms. Just because you feel good doesn’t mean your strange mole or growth doesn’t mean anything. To confirm that it’s nothing to worry about, you’ll want to see a specialist.
  4. See a Dermatologist about Questionable Areas: Any spots that are abnormal, changing or otherwise suspicious should be evaluated by a dermatology specialist. He or she will need to do a skin biopsy of the area to officially determine whether or not it’s skin cancer—but then you’ll have the answer you need.


If you have a suspicious spot or mole that you’d like to have evaluated, schedule an appointment with us at Skin Cancer Care Specialists today.  Call 561-775-6011 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


Jupiter Magazine Names Dr. Weisberg a Top Doctor of 2020


Dr. Noah Weisberg has been named a Top Doctor in Jupiter Magazine under the Dermatology category. Dr. Weisberg was one of only 3 board certified dermatologists awarded Top Doctor of 2020 in Palm Beach County. The Top Doctor honor was published this summer in Jupiter Magazine in print and online:


Dr. Weisberg is one of a few fellowship trained Mohs surgeons and dermatologists practicing in Jupiter Florida who have successfully completed a full Mohs fellowship accredited by the American College of Mohs Surgery. Dr. Weisberg has been in practice for over 18 years and treated over 28,000 skin cancers.  Dr. Weisberg along with his Physician Assistants Kathryn Goggins, PA-C and Barbara Acosta, PA-C specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of skin lesions including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and dermatologic issues.


The medical staff at Skin Cancer Care Specialists is dedicated to providing the best dermatology and skin cancer treatment options for patients in the Jupiter, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, Hobe Sound, Stuart and other surrounding areas using the latest technology in skin cancer and dermatologic care.


The Top Doctors of Jupiter Magazine are selected by Castle Connolly, a health care research and information company founded in 1991 by a former medical college president to help consumers learn about America’s top doctors and hospitals and choose based on the research done by Castle Connolly’s physician led team. Careful screening of a nominee’s educational and professional experiences are essential before final selection.


To schedule a skin cancer screening or dermatology consultation with Dr. Weisberg, Kathryn Goggins PA-C or Barbara Acosta, PA-C please contact our office at 561-775-6011.






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