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Applying Sunscreen and Skin Cancer Prevention Month

As a public service to our patients and members of our community please take a moment to review the information below.

Valisure, an independent laboratory tested hundreds of sunscreens and after sun care products and found 27% of the samples tested positive for Benzene, a known carcinogen.  The tests included sunscreen lines like Banana Boat and Neutrogena.

According to a CBS news report on the study, Benzene is used as a solvent and can be found in trace amounts in cigarette smoke, gasoline, glues, adhesives, cleaning products and paint strippers.  Benzene is also a known carcinogen responsible for blood cancers, like leukemia.

Unfortunately, large gaps in regulation of sunscreen and sun care products exist due to many of the products being considered cosmetic by the FDA.   As a result of the tests completed by Valisure a Citizen Petition was made to the FDA by Valisure calling for tighter regulations of the industry.

Petition to FDA


The test results were completed in 2020 and companies like Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Neutrogena and other companies like Banana Boat voluntarily recalled many of their products in July of 2021.  To find out if your sunscreen or sun care products contain Benzene you can access the Valisure test results below:

Sunscreens testing positive for Benzene:


Sunscreens testing negative for Benzene:


Dr. Weisberg advises against sunscreen sprays and only recommends lotions or sun care products which cannot be inhaled.  Please take a moment to review the Benzene free product list to find a sunscreen lotion that will best suit your needs. To learn more about sun protection or to schedule a skin cancer screening contact Skin Cancer Care Specialists in Jupiter, Florida at 561-775-6011.



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